Sights and Sounds of Summer

By Carin G Hansen

This evening as I was catching up on paperwork I heard an owl hoot and knew it was time for me to take a break. As I walked out the front door and took a short walk toward the place I thought the sound was coming from I was greeted with other sounds of summer.

I smiled and took in the evening air deeply as the hooting of the owl came closer and closer with each step. Mixed in with the intermittent hoots was the ongoing chirping of crickets and locust. I stood in silence at the entrance to our neighborhood park listening to the sounds as a sense of deep satisfaction, joy and overwhelmed me. What a wonderful world God has given us to live

Here are some more sounds and also some sights and smells that go with summer here in Colorado. Think about and take in each one… feel them emotionally either with memories, current events or anticipated activities prior to fall.


1. Children giggling and chattering during outdoor play

2. Waterfalls flowing across rocks ever down, down, down

3. Thunder claps from late afternoon or evening rain showers

4. Sprinklers rhythmic spewing of water onto parched lawns

5. Marching bands practicing for the beginning of the next school year


1. Wide array of annuals and perennials in beds of all sizes and shapes

2. Swimming pools brimming with children

3. Water fowl gliding across lakes forming v-shaped waves

4. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters and balls randomly strewn across lawns

5. Lightning cutting jagged lines across stormy skies


1. Fragrant roses and flowering bushes like lavender, honeysuckle and jasmine

2. Rain!

3. BBQ’s

4. Freshly cut grass

Life often rushes by so quickly that we find it difficult to slow down enough to listen, observe and breathe in all that wonderful happening around us.

We are so BLESSED, we just need to take moments to be reminded. Make a conscious decision to take those moments. Otherwise the sights, sounds and smells each hour, day and week will pass you by.

Carin Hansen has been helping women and men, of all ages, look their best through articles, blogs, books, seminars and workshops for much of her life. As a Christ follower and cancer survivor for over 23 years, Carin is very aware that every day on earth is a gift from God – not to be wasted. Check out Carin’s blog at for spiritual insight on life’s challenges.

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