Online Platform Promotes Partnerships Between Businesses and Investors

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Historically, specialty businesses had limited ability to expand beyond their immediate geographic region. However, current technology allows such businesses to promote themselves to a larger audience. Touch Up Teak is one example of how successful online investment partnerships can grow a business.
Touch Up Teak, based in Hollywood, Florida, provides a full range of services for preservation, repair, restoration and maintenance of exotic wood used for high-end furniture, home decor, decks and other areas requiring style and durability. The company also serves the resort and restaurant industries, and the yachting/boating community.
“I have wanted to expand for some time into markets beyond Florida,” Touch Up Teak CEO Paul Murray noted. “We decided to list our offering on the internet, and wanted to make sure we could reach as many possible capital sources in the most efficient and cost-effective manner we could.” To help expand its business, the company used DPOUSA, an online financial platform that makes information about up-and-coming businesses available to potential investors at any time, day or night. DPOUSA is visible to the public, and also maintains a growing database of 30,000 investors with over $500 billion in investment-ready capital.
“Since listing, we have begun discussions with accredited investors who just happen to own yachts, and see the value our business brings,” Murray said.
Touch Up Teak maintains additional facilities in Miami and Naples, but the company’s management has plans to expand the services offered and the geographic areas served, starting with high-end southeast markets in Orlando. Such expansion will require capital for facilities, marketing and advertising, and the company hopes to partner with additional investors online via DPOUSA.
As part of the expansion plans, Touch Up Teak has developed proprietary wood-finishing and restoration technologies tailored to the high-end woods used in demanding applications such as high-gloss yacht finishing and interior/exterior patio furniture, trim and decking. As an exotic-wood specialty company, Touch Up Teak is qualified to restore and maintain many different species of hard and soft woods including teak, ipe, walnut, mahogany, cypress, tiger, Patagonian rosewood, cumaru, burl and bubinga.
“Now that we have engaged in discussions with investors, our future expansion plans in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern California are closer to becoming a reality,” said Murray.
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TPMS Industry Leaders Collaborate for Customer-Inspired Breakthrough

(NewsUSA) – The customer-focused partnership between Schrader, a global leader in valve and sensing technology, and Bartec, the market leader in handheld tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) scan/programming tools, alleviates complexities and makes servicing TPMS-enabled vehicles that much easier for the aftermarket industry. With over 65 million TPMS-enabled vehicles already on the road, and more daily, the demand for scalable and easy-to-use TPMS repair solutions is at an all-time high. Created through the premier alliance of the two companies, Schrader’s EZ-sensorTM is a joint development success that delivered the first and only patented and programmable replacement sensor that functions across diverse car makes and models.

According to Bartec’s general manager, Scot Holloway, TPMS service and repair is a huge opportunity and unavoidable for today’s aftermarket facilities. Handheld tools, like those provided by Bartec, are essential for properly servicing Schrader’s TPMS replacement sensors. Bartec is pleased to continue to develop leading TPMS handheld tools in cooperation with Schrader’s sensors, which Holloway calls “the best in the industry.”

Alongside their customers, Schrader and Bartec have standardized the TPMS repair process so it has become a routine part of vehicle inspection – a straightforward and repeatable practice for technicians. As a result of the partnership and the products being produced, aftermarket service and repair facilities now are better equipped to service the ever-growing population of TPMS-equipped vehicles, a safety feature now embedded in all new vehicles that warns drivers of low-tire-pressure situations. This standardization focuses on replacement parts, service tools, proper repair procedures and technician training, as well as awareness of the inherent vehicle safety associated with TPMS.

According to Schrader, the focus of the partnership was on developing a superior technology that would provide comprehensive support for aftermarket technicians. Additionally, it needed to satisfy requests for ease of use, sensor programmability and lessening the inventory burden. The jointly designed EZ sensor fills all of these requirements. For more information on the importance of TPMS, please visit, or for more insight on Bartec, please visit

Image Is Everything

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Today people are bombarded with more information than they can process. Simultaneously, websites, blogs and social media have the public trained to consume information in bullet points, sound bytes and tweets containing 140 characters or less.
No matter how you are trying to get your message across, whether through social media, a website or blog, an ad or even a presentation, the best way to pique someone’s interest is through compelling imagery. Photos must be engaging enough to get someone to focus on what you’ve got to say.
When choosing an image, it pays to be selective. Great images have the power to inform, inspire, confuse, shock, delight, empower, enrage and enlighten. Start by thinking about things like:
* Whom you want to reach?
* What message you want to communicate?
* What sort of tone you want to set?
* What kind of reaction you want?
While the image should relate to the overall topic, it doesn’t have to do so literally. This gives you the artistic freedom to have fun with your image search. It also will help you remain open to inspiration as you search.
As to effective image searches, sifting through millions of images on the Internet via a simple search engine query is highly ineffective. The chances of finding something the right size, shape, resolution and quality are low. Copyright and privacy issues also arise — particularly if the photos will be used commercially.
Fortunately, there are places to get inexpensive imagery that can be legitimately used for a whole host of purposes. Stock pictures can be purchased from places like for as little as a dollar or two.
For blog posts, budget-sensitive projects and nonprofits, offers easy searching from numerous categories in several subject areas. You can buy a single image, packs of images at various resolution sizes or even annual subscriptions.
For images to be used for an extended time, as in a website, or a marketing brochure, more highly art-directed imagery can be found at Both sites have powerful search engines that make short work of finding the perfect image.

Gear Up for Winter Driving This Holiday Season

(NewsUSA) – The weather outside may be frightful, but your commute doesn’t have to be — that is, if you take the proper steps to prepare your vehicle for winter weather. Be prepared with Firestone Complete Auto Care’s winter driving safety tips to help make sure you arrive home safely for the holidays.

•    Be proactive! Winter only magnifies existing problems like pings, hard starts, sluggish performance or rough idling. Make sure your vehicle is mechanically sound before the temperature dips and the streets get icy.

•    Make certain the engine is in peak condition. Also, check the cooling system. Coolant should be replaced per the vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

•    Prepare for winter emergencies by using your trunk as a storage place for emergency items. Important items to have on hand are: a properly inflated spare tire, an ice scraper, windshield de-icer, a flashlight, a blanket, extra clothes, bottled water and non-perishable snacks. Don’t forget your cell phone’s car charger.

•    Minimize the possibility of control problems by putting winter tires on all four wheels. Ask your local Firestone Complete Auto Care technician about Bridgestone Blizzak tires; these tires are specially designed to improve your vehicle’s stability and handling in adverse winter driving conditions.

•    Check your tire pressure weekly when the weather turns cold. As the temperature outside drops, the air inside a tire contracts, dropping the tire’s air pressure. A tire’s PSI measurement can drop one pound for every 10-degree drop in temperature. Under-inflation will lessen the gripping action because the tire tread will not meet the road surface as it was designed to do.

•    Use common sense during adverse road conditions. Reduce your driving speed, and increase your following distance in hazardous winter weather.

•    If you get stuck in the snow, don’t spin your tires — this can overheat them and possibly cause damage. Use sand, gravel, kitty litter, an asphalt shingle or another gritty item to help your tires gain traction.

From Atlantic to Pacific, you can help make the traffic terrific by being proactive about winter driving safety and following these simple but crucial tips. Remember, there’s no place like home for the holidays, so make sure you arrive safely by taking the necessary precautions. Get more tips at

New Technology Can Conserve Fuel for Better Gas Mileage

(NewsUSA) – Gas prices are getting as dangerously high as unemployment rates, and both mean a whole new level of penny pinching for the nation’s 99 percent.

As drivers spend about $4 per gallon, finding ways to get better gas mileage is more important than ever. Fortunately, affordable technology is finally catching up to the escalating problem.

Some auto companies are trying to ease the burden of astronomical gas prices by improving technology and making it accessible.

Vision Motor Company is priming its widespread release of alternative vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG), which can cut fuel costs by up to 80 percent. Besides polluting as much as 90 percent less than traditional gasoline, natural gas vehicles can get 45 miles per gallon on CNG fuel.

But, according to Vision chairman Bob Smith, new fuel-efficient spark plugs called Pulstar Pulse Plugs have truly enabled the newest car, SEERngv, to go mainstream. The Enerpulse Precision Combustion Ignition (PCI) technology in Pulstar Pulse Plugs also increases miles per gallon and significantly reduces hydrocarbon emissions.

“Combustion stability at idle and cold start was also improved,” explained Smith. “VMC is very excited to offer this value-added technology.”

If you’re not yet able to benefit from natural gas vehicles and other enhanced technology, there are more ways to conserve fuel and increase efficiency.

•    Install new spark plugs. For the average car, quality spark plugs – like Pulstar Pulse Plugs – can make your vehicle perform better than new, mileage included.

•    Choose routes carefully. The shortest route may not be the most fuel efficient if it’s littered with stoplights and traffic. Avoid traffic lights if possible, but if not, shifting into neutral will give your transmission a break.

•    Replace air filters. You probably don’t need to replace the air filter as often as mechanics suggest, but keep an eye on it. Filters tend to last 20,000 or 30,000 miles, and a clean filter can improve mileage by 10 percent.

•    Drive smoothly. We know you’re not going to slow down, but sudden starts, stops and jerky driving hinder fuel economy. Slamming on the brakes wears down break pads and forces you to accelerate more, adding as much as one-third to your gas bill.

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Does Your Computer Need a Helping Hand?

Five words or less(NewsUSA) – As technology advances, more of our lives take place on our computers. Work presentations, legal documents, personal records and treasured family photos are all created and stored on our computers.
Unfortunately, computer viruses eventually make their way through firewalls, or other breakdowns occur — and you want them fixed now. But not everyone has time to drop everything and haul their computer to the local computer repair shop!
On-site computer repair is making it easier for people with busy schedules to handle tedious computer maintenance and repairs. Geeks on Call is a convenient on-site computer service and repair company that sends certified technicians straight to your home or business. Geeks on Call realizes that your computer is an important asset in your life, which is why its motto is “Don’t trust your computer to just anyone.”
The business has been a trusted national brand in the IT industry for over a decade. All on-site and remote technicians have been screened and background checked for your safety. Not only does Geeks on Call help protect your computer against viruses, it’s also available to help manage business IT systems.
Technology is always expanding, which is why Geeks on Call continues to grow. Although viruses’ and other complications arise, Geeks on Call knows that you can’t afford to waste time sending away your computer.
Geeks on Call technicians come straight to your home or business and get your system up and running quickly.
Don’t trust your precious information to just anyone.
To find out how accessible Geeks on Call is, visit You can also follow it on Twitter @geeksoncall for updates that go straight to your phone.