Michelin Tires Helps Yellowstone National Park Go Green

OldFaithfulCTourists visiting Yellowstone National Park’s famous geyser, “Old Faithful,” will even use tires once they get out of their cars for a closer look. Old Faithful, you see, now boasts a porous, clean, flexible walkway made almost entirely of recycled Michelin tires. The “paved” surface, known as Flexi-Pave and manufactured by the company K.B. Industries (KBI), is kinder to the environment than asphalt because the permeable composite material allows for better erosion control and preservation of the natural patterns of groundwater flow. In addition, the walkway surface is highly durable and tolerant of extreme hot or cold weather, and does not leach any oil into the surrounding environment.

“The material used to create KBI’s Flexi-Pave is completely benign and therefore can be used safely with the delicate aquifers here in Yellowstone,” said Kevin Bragnall, CEO and founder of KBI, in a statement. The Old Faithful Walkway Project covers 6,400 square feet and includes 900 Michelin tires. “The path allows 3,000 gallons of groundwater to pass per square foot. It also is designed to diffuse the water’s force, helping prevent erosion,” Bagnall noted.

“The Old Faithful Walkway Project is a great example of what a difference a company devoted to sustainability can make in the world’s first national park,” said Karen Bates Kress, president of the Yellowstone Park Foundation, in a statement. “We are fortunate to have a corporate partner as farsighted, public-spirited and generous as Michelin,” she added. Underscoring how important this project was to the 126-year-old tire company, Michelin flew in a team of employees from across the country to help complete the construction of the walkway. The 10 volunteers were winners of a company-wide contest to participate in the project.

Michelin is a major corporate sponsor of the Yellowstone Park Foundation, with a goal of helping the park curb operating expenses and reduce the consumption of raw materials. To ensure this, Michelin regularly donates and helps maintain thousands of tires for Yellowstone National Park’s more than 800 vehicles, including patrol cars, garbage trucks, snow plows and load-hauling tractor trailers. The tires feature the latest in green tire technology to help save fuel and reduce emissions.

“Helping build and provide material for this new pathway is very much in line with Michelin’s goal of working with the Yellowstone Park Foundation,” said Leesa Owens, director of community relations for Michelin, in a statement.

To find out more about Michelin tires, visit www.michelin.com.

Enjoy the Fourth of July to the Fullest – Be Safe and Save Money on Your Daily Drive

(NewsUSA) – Fireworks, sparklers and hot dogs, oh my! The Fourth of July is upon us, and it’s a great time to think about little ways you can show your patriotism and celebrate being an American. One way you can celebrate the nation’s birthday is by not only protecting yourself and other while on the road, but also guarding your wallet from high gas prices.

Firestone Complete Auto Care would like to honor this July Fourth with tips on how you and your vehicle can save money and stay safe on your daily commute.

•    Find the lowest gas prices near your home. With staggering gas prices, Firestone Complete Auto Care realizes your morning commute may now be turning into a money pit. We have developed a new online resource, Gasonomics, to help you save money at the pump. Go to www.firestonecompleteautocare.com/gasonomics/ to find the lowest gas prices near your home, money saving tips and special offers from Firestone Complete Auto Care.

•    Make sure your vehicle is in good working condition. Check your tires often, and make sure everything is in order underneath the hood. Your tires are the only things between your vehicle and the road, so it’s important they are in good shape.

•    Get comfortable, and stay focused behind the wheel. Before setting off, make sure the driver’s seat is adjusted to a comfortable position. This is especially important if you share the car with family members who may have adjusted your seat. Also, stay focused on safe driving. Trying to multitask while driving is dangerous for you and other drivers on the road.

•    Don’t be an aggressive driver, and don’t let other aggressive drivers get to you. Do your best to stay calm on the road, even in tricky conditions. Be realistic about your travel time. If you’re going to be late, take a deep breath and accept the delay. Additionally, getting involved with an aggressive driver isn’t worth the risk. For your own safety, don’t react to any rude gestures, and certainly don’t return them. Don’t let little things wind you up.

It has been 235 years since the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. Don’t let another day go by without considering what you can do to protect yourself and others on your daily drive.